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Purchase Loan in Missouri

  • Posted on March 21, 2017
  • Status: Active ?

Loan & Collateral

Loan TypePurchase
Security1st Mortgage
Loan Amount$105,000
Collateral Value$150,000
Available Downpayment$5,000
Calculated LTV70% ?
Address3523 Monsols Dr.
Property TypeResidential

Exit Strategy

I plan on rehabbing the property in 60-90 days, then reselling the property for a profit. Tntire process should be done in 180 days.

Loan Proceeds

I am requesting a 70% ARV loan. The proceeds will be used to purchase the property as well as to completely rehab it. the selling price is $89,000, ARV is $150,00-$160,000.


ApplicantIfiok Equere
OrganizationNdiya Investment Group LLC
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