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My Rehab Lender Inc

Our company makes residential loans at 12% with 2 points We make loans on land and small commercial buildings on a case by case basis with the interest rate at 12% but the points may vary. We have NO minimum FICO score or income requirements We collect bank statements and a scored credit report We are aggressively looking for a few good borrowers!!!!

Focus ?Hard Money (Direct Lender)
Lending AreaTexas
Collateral ?Land, Residential
Loan Amount $60,000 - $500,000
Max Loan to Value ? 70%
LTC 20
Interest Rates N/A
Orgination Points ? N/A
Minimum Fico Score No Min Requirement
Refinance Loans Yes
Cashout Loans Yes
Zero Down Loans Yes
Max Loan Term 36 Months
Contact Phone855-385-4505
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