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Allcity Finance

We never get an up-front fee. Most of our mortgage programs are equity based. Our asset-based hard-money programs are almost always interest only payments. If you have the equity you have the mortgage. (Note: Please don’t contact us looking for a: Bullshit Equity Mortgage! That means that you are buying a piece of real estate for $10,000, BUT, it’s really worth 300K, and you would like to borrow 50% of what the property is really worth! The value of the property is what you paid for it, unless you purchased the property more than 5 years ago!)

We are predominately a Private Party Lender! We are fast, and we do not put the note on any credit bureau. I can’t promise that we will lend you money, but I will promise not to waste your time! If you are a US citizen, are not in bankruptcy, do not have tax liens against you, and have enough equity in your real estate: I don’t care if you’re the Town Drunk, or if you’re going to jail in the morning. We will give you a hard money mortgage!

Focus ?Hard Money (Direct Lender)
Lending AreaMassachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut
Collateral ?Commercial, Construction, Land, Multifamily, Residential
Loan Amount $50,000 - $5,000,000
Max Loan to Value ? 65%
Interest Rates N/A
Orgination Points ? N/A
Minimum Fico Score No Min Requirement
Refinance Loans Yes
Cashout Loans Yes
Zero Down Loans No
Max Loan Term 12 Months
Contact Phone781 233 4850
Visit Website